Memories of Malayan Teachers’ Training College Kirkby Liverpool

Personal photo collection at Malayan Teachers’ Training College Kirkby Liverpool- second batch 1952 to 1954

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Inmates of Block One - 1st yr & 2nd together

Zainab, Yon, Sahrul, Sofi, Bedah, & others ©Ramli Shaari

Sunday, February 12, 2006

(22) Bold's Coach

BOLD's Coach with yours truly at center.

Photo courtesy of ©Ramli Shaari

(21) Excursion Group Photo

More Excursion Group Photos - interesting billboard at the background

Photo courtesy of ©Ramli Shaari

(20) Visit to Sifta Salt Works

Visit to Sifta Salt Works

(19) Geography Class Excursion

Geography Class Excursion

Photo courtesy of ©Ramli Shaari

(18) Mr Williams (Principle) gives a speech

Mr Williams (Principle) gives a speech.

He later became the first principle of KB (Kota Baru a.k.a KirkBy) College

Photo courtesy of ©Ramli Shaari

(17) MrLunt-Zainab-Maugham-Fadzlun


Photo by©Ramli Shaari

(16) Family Dinner @ Lunt's place

Mrs Lunt, son, Sofi and Kassim

Photo by©Ramli Shaari

(15) Inmates of Block One the Whibral

Inmates of Block One the Whibral - 1st yr & 2nd together
Photos by ©Ramli Shaari

(14) Mr and Mrs Lunt with Zainab

Mr & Mrs Lunt and Zainab

Photos by Ramli Shaari

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

(13) Miss McBain Class

During PE period
Miss McBain Class
Holding the ball - yours truly
Photo by ©Ramli Shaari

(12) Child Study class

Miss Jee - Child Study Class

Photo©Ramli Shaari

(11) Dr Terret and Mr Beeching's class

Geography Option

©Ramli Shaari

(10) Dr Terret's Geography Option Class

Geography Option - Dr Terret's Class

Yours truly - Standing-right most

©Ramli Shaari

(9) Which class?

Which class is this one??

©Ramli Shaari

Monday, February 06, 2006

(8) Class Group Photos

Needlework Class - Miss Chester

Photos by ©Ramli Shaari

(7) Ragging at Kirkby College

Ragging was fun - see them in action

Photo ©Ramli Shaari

Sunday, February 05, 2006

(6) The College Block

©Ramli Shaari

(4) Arrival of Royal Visitor

Duchess of Kent being ushered by Sir Oliver Lyttleton

©Ramli Shaari

(5) Another Royal Visitor

HH Sultan of Selangor visited the College
©Ramli Shaari

(3) Opening of Kirkby College 1952

The arrival of Sir Oliver Lyttleton - Secretary of State for the Commonwealth Colonies - Opening of the Malayan Teachers' Training College Kirkby Liverpool.

©Ramli Shaari

(2) Federation of Malaya Flag 1952

This was the first time a Federation of Malaya flag was raised in Kirkby College.

Seen here : Ivy Oh (from Pahang) and Chye Suan. (converted to Muslim and living in PJ)

(1) Kirkby College '61 - Down Memory Lane

Kirkby Teachers Training College - 1961 (Colour shot taken during my second visit)

The Official Crest